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The different types of atomizers

The Different Types of Atomizers


A common source of confusion for newcomers are the different types of tank and coil combinations there are floating around on the market. From tanks with prebuilt coils to dripping atomizers, let’s go over the benefits of some of these options.

Tanks with prebuilt coils

Many tanks that are great for beginners come with prebuilt coils, meaning the wicks simply need to be primed (or saturated with juice) and they are ready to begin vaping with. This takes the work out of having to play with wires or wicks, it is essentially ‘plug and play’. Prebuilt coils need to be replaced after a certain time of use, usually when it’s harder to draw or it begins gurgling or spitting out juice while vaping. Many tanks, such as the Kanger Toptank Mini, come with both prebuilt coils and a rebuildable coil so that the user can give both a try. The simpler tanks use clearomizers, which are smaller tanks that use a top or bottom coil and can be used with the classic eGo style batteries.

Tanks with Rebuildable Atomizers

Some tanks give users the option of building their own coils. The materials needed for this, which are usually kanthal wire and organic cotton for the wick, can be purchased separately or as part of a rebuildable coil kit. It is worth noting that there are some tanks that only allow for rebuildable coils to be used. This option lets the user have much more customization over their vapor production and overall vaping experience. By choosing how much resistance a coil will have, through both the number of wraps and the gauge (or thickness) of the wire, the user controls their vapor production and flavor. 

You can also choose from different coil setups as well, such as the Clapton coil. The Clapton coil is essentially a smaller gauge wire wrapped around a larger gauge wire, and it produces more flavor and more vape due to the larger surface area of the coil. Clapton coils, along with a variety of other coils, can be found in The Clean Vape online shop. Going the rebuildable route will also save you money in the long run. The upfront cost is a bit higher but the money you will save after a couple of builds will more than make up for it.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

Which brings us to the Rebuildable Dripping atomizer(RDA for short), the most advanced setup of the three. A dripping atomizer is unique in that it doesn’t have a tank to hold the juice, instead the wicks need to stay saturated by manually dripping juice onto it, hence the name ‘drip tip’. You can see how the constant need to put juice into your atomizer could get annoying, but most users swear by the flavor and vapor production. This atomizer will give you much fuller flavors and larger clouds of vapor than any other setup.  Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers also require the user to build their own coils, and depending on the atomizer they can range from a single coil to a quad coil build.  


If you’re planning on using any kind rebuildable setup it would be wise to invest in an ohm resistance reader, especially if you’re new. They’re inexpensive and can save you a lot of trouble down the line. If you decide to go with the dripping atomizer it’s recommended to start with a lower level of nicotine than you’re used to. All of these setups have different tips you can use to further customize your vaping experience. Whether you want the concentrated flavor of a narrower tip, or a wide tip on a dripping atomizer for maximum vapor, like most other things in the vaping world, it all comes down to personal preference.

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