Sponsorship Juice Request Form


1. Post at least twice a week on your page featuring our content including tagging @thecleanvape

2. Engaging in content that we post on our page. This includes a like and comment.

3. Filling out this form every time you need more bottles.


1. If you are an active contributor, get access to our community where you will get involved with our other sponsors and help each other to grow each other's instagram page.

2. Best posts from our sponsors will be featured on our page or our stories.

3. Receive free E Liquid as needed in compensation for your help by filling out this form.

4. Help us by promoting to stores you visit. Any sales gained  will receive 100% commission on the first order by that store with 10% residuals on any orders from that same store. Top performers can also be brought on board to work as official sales people for The Clean Vape if interested.


Fill out the form so that we have your juice information and the flavors you would like. Any additional information or requests can be made in the juice request text box. Please ensure to let us know what flavors you want. If you are not sure, list a category of flavors you like(fruity, menthol, etc.) Thanks so much for your support!


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